Volvo Key Fob Battery Replacement 101

Volvo Key Fob Battery Replacement

A Volvo key fob battery replacement can be a straightforward task that won't take you long. Our Volvo experts are here to show you how it's done and get your Volvo key fob powered up in a flash. Find our in-depth Volvo car key battery guide below to see all the details, and visit us at Johnson Volvo Cars Charlotte for trustworthy service that you can count on.

How to Replace Your Volvo Key Fob Battery

From 2016 to today, most Volvo key fob designs have stayed the same. The Volvo key battery replacement process will be the same for most vehicles within this model year range. Please be aware that this will only apply to the main key fob and any spare key fobs that have buttons.

Specifically, most modern Volvo vehicles offer a special buttonless key tag designed for use during outdoor activities or while packing light. This unique feature is great for its compact, rugged, and water-resistant design and seamless functionality. However, due to the special water and dust resistance, a Volvo key fob battery replacement will not be possible for this key tag.

We can help you order and pair a replacement key tag in this case. For your main key fob on a 2016-to-present Volvo vehicle, key battery changes are something that can be done without much headache.

To start the Volvo key battery replacement process, gather the following:

  • A clean work surface that will not generate excess static electricity, such as a wood cutting board
  • A flathead screwdriver or coin
  • A high-quality 3V CR2032 battery (Note: Confirm the battery specification in the maintenance section of your owner's manual)
  • Well-fitting rubber gloves

Find somewhere you can perform the Volvo key fob battery replacement with full attention and in a comfortable position, then lay out all these items.

Now, place your Volvo key fob on the clean work surface with the Volvo logo facing upward. (Note: The order of removing logo/non-logo covers may be reversed for some models.) Locate the button near the key-ring loop section and slide it toward the key-ring hole. You should feel the cover come loose, but if not, repeat the previous step.

Use your fingernail to remove the cover gently. A button should be located near the edge of the key fob body under the cover you just removed; look around the now-revealed manual key if you don't see it at first glance. Once located, slide the button sideways, and while holding the button, flip the key fob to its other side. Continue the Volvo key fob battery replacement process by removing the other side's cover in the same manner.

You should now see a circular section with a rectangular slot and the words "close" and "open" beneath the circle. This is the battery hatch; you should see an arrow pointing to "close."

Use your flathead screwdriver, a coin, or a similar tool to turn the battery hatch, ensuring you move the arrow so it points to "open" instead of "close." Once you are sure the battery hatch is set to "open," use your fingernail or screwdriver to gently pry the hatch off of the key fob body.

Put on your rubber gloves to avoid damaging electronic contact surfaces before continuing. Carefully pry the battery from its socket, lifting up the side closest to the key fob's key-ring loop first. Make sure you do not damage the clips or touch the electronic contact surfaces.

Now, grab your new battery and flip it so that the positive side (marked with a "+") is facing up. This is the crucial moment. Insert the battery into the socket at a downward angle, sliding the edge under the farthest two clips from the key-ring loop. Keep sliding the Volvo key fob battery forward until the clips lock it into place. Now, gently press the battery until all clips have grabbed hold of and locked down the battery.

Now that the Volvo key fob battery replacement is complete, reverse the process to reassemble your key fob. Resecure the battery hatch and turn it until the arrow points to "close," then reinstall the key fob covers by aligning them, gently pressing them down, and sliding them toward the key-ring loop.

These steps apply to a Volvo valet key battery replacement, too.

Your key fob may work as good as new once the battery is changed. If it's unresponsive, it may need to be programmed to your vehicle; contact our certified Volvo service center for help with this precise process.

Key Fob Battery Replacement Diagram 1
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Key Fob Battery Replacement Diagram 7

Volvo Car Key Battery Low: Symptoms That Let You Know

You'll know it's time to change the battery in a Volvo key fob with some fairly obvious symptoms. Those naturally include an unresponsive key fob. Additionally, as the battery approaches the end of its life, some other symptoms may give you a heads-up that a battery replacement will soon be needed. These symptoms include:

  • Longer-than-normal delay in vehicle response to key fob button presses
  • Shorter-than-normal key fob range
  • Needing to press the buttons several times to get a response from your vehicle
  • "Key fob battery low" warning light appears on the dashboard

Volvo Key Battery Dead: Can You Still Unlock the Car?

If you need a Volvo key battery change, you probably won't be able to unlock or start your Volvo vehicle with the key fob's buttons. Is it possible to get back inside and start the engine? Yes. You can use the Volvo Cars App to remotely unlock and start the vehicle from your smartphone.

Or, as we covered in the battery change steps, you can remove the key fob cover to access the manual key and unlock your vehicle the old-school way – the manual key access will be located under the door handle.

In some cases, the key fob battery may have a very faint charge; holding the key fob directly to the door handle and pressing the engine start/stop button may work in that case.

Get Your Volvo Key Battery Replacement & Comprehensive Service With Us

We hope that this key fob battery change guide has been helpful for you. Be sure to check our other guides like "jump-start a dead car," and if you have any further questions about your Volvo vehicle's key fob, don't hesitate to get in touch with Johnson Volvo Cars Charlotte. If you would like our expert technicians to perform your Volvo key battery replacement, need to program a key, or require other automotive services like a Volvo battery replacement, we'll be your trustworthy Volvo service center. Contact us today to set up your service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to replace the Volvo key fob battery?

On most modern Volvo vehicles, you can replace the Volvo key fob battery by following these steps:

  • Slide the button near the key-ring loop and hold it
  • Remove the first key fob cover and release the button
  • Slide the now-revealed button sideways and hold it in place
  • Flip the key fob over and remove the other cover, then release the button
  • Use a screwdriver to rotate the battery hatch
  • Align the battery hatch arrow to "open"
  • Gently pry open the battery hatch
  • Carefully remove the battery, lifting the side closest to the key-ring loop
  • Insert a new battery carefully, ensuring the clips lock into place
  • Reinstall the battery hatch and key fob covers

How do I know if my Volvo key fob battery is dead?

You'll know that your Volvo key fob's battery is dead if the buttons do not activate their respective vehicle functions (i.e., lock/unlock). A Volvo key fob battery replacement will be required in this case, but in some cases, the battery may have enough of a charge to operate the door lock if placed directly onto the handle.

Where can I get my Volvo car key battery replaced?

You can learn how to replace your Volvo car key battery with our in-depth guide. However, if your key needs programming after the battery change, or if you'd prefer that our highly trained technicians handle the work, you can schedule service at Johnson Volvo Cars Charlotte today.

How can I open the Volvo key fob?

You can open the Volvo key fob by sliding the button located on the key-ring loop and gently lifting up the cover. Once the first cover is opened, another button will be revealed; slide this button and lift the second cover in the same manner.

How can I start my Volvo if my key fob dies?

If your Volvo key fob dies, you can start your vehicle through the Volvo Cars app. This convenient app allows you to remotely lock and unlock your Volvo vehicle, start the engine, locate the vehicle, check vehicle health statistics, and more. If you do not have a subscription to the Volvo Cars app, you can open your Volvo key fob to access the manual key.

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