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We all know when it's time for an oil change. If you're lucky, your vehicle starts beeping at you on the grocery run. If you're unlucky, she breaks down in the middle of the highway, completely burned out.

Help us help you by booking your Volvo XC40 oil change online. We know that it takes time out of your day to come here and have it done. We value that time by doing it all, from detailing services to oil changes to rotations.

We have some of the most efficient service specialists in the business. We'll get you in and out of our service center before you can say, "That was fast."

What Does a Volvo Oil Change Entail?

Our automotive technicians can do a lot more than an oil change. Their job is to ensure your model's most precious parts are lubricated.

To begin, they replace your oil filter while also inspecting the surrounding parts. The oil filter is responsible for catching all the grime and dirt that can bog down your engine. Replacing it keeps everything where it's supposed to be.

They'll also check your fluids, lights, and possibly your battery to ensure you're safe to travel all over Charlotte, NC. Our team will make sure we know what grade of oil you prefer beforehand.

We might make a recommendation based on your vehicle. For instance, for a Volvo XC60 oil change, we would likely recommend a higher grade of oil. Premium cars call for premium oil.

Plus, we have Volvo service specials that can make the price of such a grade not-so-premium.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of oil do Volvo automakers recommend?

Volvo Cars has a partnership with Castrol Edge oil. However, the specific type your vehicle needs will depend on several factors, including the model of your car and your area's weather conditions. (As a general rule of thumb, cars usually do better with thicker engine oil in the summer since high temperatures can cause it to thin.) In addition to consulting your owner's manual for this information, you can reach out to our team.

How much is a Volvo oil change?

This answer will depend on your oil type, among other factors. For example, an engine oil change, which includes an oil filter replacement, may also include services, which can impact the price. Our team also regularly runs specials on preventative maintenance services, and those who still have active Complimentary Factory Scheduled Maintenance programs can also get this service at no cost. Therefore, contact our team for an answer unique to your situation. Regardless, oil changes are always cost-effective long term because they prevent engine overheating and other issues that are both intensive and expensive to fix. Save your car from potential engine failure with a visit today.

Do Volvo cars require synthetic oil?

Synthetic oil is recommended for most modern vehicles. It is formulated to be more effective. For example, its uniform molecular structure helps it ease friction between components more than conventional oil. It's also better in extreme temperatures and is cleaner, which can help you use the same oil for longer without it affecting your system's performance. As a result, you won't need oil changes as frequently, saving you valuable time. To learn more about this or the differences between full synthetic oil and synthetic blend, talk to our team members.

Where can I get a Volvo oil change?

Stop by our service center for a Volvo oil change. Our experts are trained specifically on servicing Volvo vehicles, meaning they can easily inspect other elements of your car that are prone to wear and tear, when performing your oil change to keep you safe and your car in peak condition. We have OEM parts and replacements on hand. We also run regular specials on preventative maintenance and can apply your active Complimentary Factory Scheduled Maintenance status to eligible services for your Volvo vehicle. Contact us to set an appointment today.

Schedule Your Next Oil Change Today

It's been proven by multiple sources that not keeping up with your automotive maintenance will severely impact the life of your vehicle. So, that Volvo V60 oil change you've been putting off… let's get to it!

Keeping your vehicle's oil clean is especially important because it directly impacts your engine.

Firstly, if you skip the oil change, dirt and unwanted particles are far more likely to soak into your vehicle's most valuable parts. This can cause parts to clog up or not perform at their optimum levels.

Secondly, we all know that it gets hot under the hood. Unless you live in a super chilly environment, your oil is going to evaporate with time. If you leave your engine without proper lubrication for long enough, all of those moving parts will cause tons of friction, and your car will be on a permanent vacation.

If a quick Volvo oil change service is standing between you and a beepless drive to the grocery store, make the detour. Our service specialists are here to help you with all things related to Volvo Cars - from selecting Volvo accessories to speedy oil changes.

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