Demo and Courtesy Volvo Cars For Sale Near Fort Mill, SC

If you want discounted cars that are all new, our demo cars for sale are for you! A demo car is a car that has been used for demonstration purposes as a car for test drives and for interested customers to generally look at and inspect. They are still technically considered as new Volvo cars for sale by the government since they have not been registered. However, since these vehicles have been test driven but not owned, they'll have a few (but not many) miles on the odometer. That's good news for you because that means discounts upon discounts for your new car purchase!

New Car, Not New Car Prices

If you can swing a payment for a brand new car but would maybe rather not, our Volvo demo cars are perfect for you. They still look, feel, and ride as if they were brand new. Since they have been driven a bit before, however, we offer great deals on them that are nearly equivalent to all of our other great new car deals. Demo cars for sale aren't quite as discounted as used or CPO cars, but they do come for a smaller price than a brand new car off the lot that has exactly zero miles on the odometer. Demo cars are pretty close to CPO models, though, in that they have very few miles on them and are not as old as used cars.

Many people may wonder if it's worth it to buy a demo car over a CPO vehicle. The answer to that question can depend on your needs and the current deals that are being run. We always suggest that you compare the price, mileage, and age of the demo car to that of a similar CPO model to see what financing solution makes the most sense for you. If you find that you get a better overall deal on one of our demo cars than you would for a similar CPO model, lucky you!

Courtesy Used Cars

We can also offer you courtesy used cars for sale, many of which apply for some of our used Volvo car specials. Courtesy cars for sale aren't exactly the same thing as demo cars for sale, but they are in the same ballpark. Where demo cars are usually only used for short-lived test drives around our Charlotte, NC, dealership, courtesy cars have been driven a bit further. You see, courtesy cars are the cars that we offer to drivers who are getting their own vehicle repaired. If that repair is going to take several days or if they have places they need to be while the repair is taking place, we loan them a courtesy car to use for that short duration.

Demo Cars We Offer

As we are a Volvo dealership, you're only going to see Volvo vehicles in our demo cars for sale. You can find almost every model that you might want in our selection of demo cars because the chances are that people before you have wanted to test almost every model out at one point or another. Perhaps our most popular demo cars are our V-series models (specifically the Volvo V60), but the Volvo XC60 is a pretty common demo car, too. However, our demo cars are quite popular. So, if you didn't see the model you were looking for in our inventory above, it's probably because someone got there first. That's why you can't take a chance by waiting to get one if you see one you like!

Get Demo Cars for Sale at Johnson Volvo Cars Charlotte

If you live close to our dealership near Fort Mill, SC, you're in the perfect spot to get one of our demo cars for sale. Plus, we have Johnson Volvo Cars Charlotte specials running all the time, so you might find that you can afford something on our lot that you never thought you'd be able to. Come visit us to take advantage of our selection of demo cars for sale today.

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