Volvo Brakes Service Center In Charlotte, NC

If your new XC60 SUV needs new Volvo brakes, bring your vehicle to the service department at Johnson Volvo Cars Charlotte. Our auto repair shop provides quality Volvo brake pad replacement and Volvo brakes service in Charlotte, NC.

When you're ready to book your Volvo brakes repair appointment, you can call our dealership or schedule a service appointment online. When we install new Volvo brake pads on your Volvo S60 sedan lease, we can also change the oil, top off any low fluids, and rotate the tires. Let us know if there's any other scheduled maintenance you'd like us to tackle while you're here.

Volvo Brakes Repair & Inspections

If the brakes are squeaking on your used Volvo XC90, come to our brake shop for a diagnosis. Our team of professional auto mechanics works tirelessly to maintain the stopping system on your vehicle to the Johnson Volvo Cars standard of performance and safety.

If you've recently been involved in an auto collision, our Volvo collision center is here to restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition. When viewing a car after an accident, the initial instinct is to only focus on the exterior damage because that's what our eyes can see. But it's often the case that internal parts and components were damaged as well. Part of restoring your vehicle after a collision is to ensure the Volvo brakes are functioning correctly.

How Often Should I Service My Car's Brakes?

When you take home a new Volvo XC90 lease, your car's owner's manual will include a factory maintenance schedule that outlines how often you should have the brake pads replaced and the rotors inspected. If you can't find your car's manual or have any questions about when to schedule brake repair, please contact our service department.

We maintain a service history for the vehicles we have the pleasure of servicing. This means we detail every job we perform, the parts we install, and the dates and mileage of when those jobs were completed. So we can always tell you when you're due for your next oil change or brake pad replacement.

Why Johnson Volvo Cars Charlotte for Brake Repair?

When you need new Volvo XC90 brake pads, we hope you choose our service center. The brakes on your Volvo are an essential safety component, and we value the trust you put in our team when you ask us to maintain your vehicle. If you're trying to troubleshoot Volvo shooting brakes, get in touch with our team right away.

Another reason why drivers choose our service department for new Volvo brakes and service is that we offer money-saving Volvo service specials and discounts on auto repair. When you visit our brake shop, you're welcome to make use of the lounge in our customer waiting area. You'll find complimentary bottled water, coffee, and Wi-Fi to enjoy while we maintain your vehicle.

If a dashboard warning light has illuminated or if you're experiencing any brake shooting, brake squealing, or pulling to one side of the lane, we suggest scheduling a Volvo brakes service appointment as soon as possible so your automotive safety is not at risk.


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